Why build the Website?

CAN is currently in a period of transition. Dr. J.D Wyneken of Grove City College has just recently been appointed president and the former president has fully relinquished his leadership. This particular moment is the perfect time for the organization to assess its strengths, weaknesses, potential threats and the multitude of opportunities that are waiting to be taken hold of. Now, the organization is much more open to change and streamlining at this time due to its recently shifted internal structure.

In seeking to enhance its overall appeal, CAN is currently finding a relevant presence online. This is an easy way to effectively provide necessary information to their public. Donors could quickly become familiar with what CAN does and see the breakdown of where and how their money would be used. It is vital that potential donors understand how little overhead there is; that essentially all of their money is being put into assisting the members of the community that find themselves desperately in need. Clients, many of whom have Internet access despite their often destitute situations, would be able to access what they need to know about how this particular non-profit might be able to aid them, while also being able to view a list of other groups that could help them if CAN is not an appropriate source of aid. Not only would this site add to appeal but also perhaps reduce the work of its members. The Website hopes to be a broker of information and streamline some of the volunteer and donation processes.  Certainly, it will make it easier to keep track of the volunteers that are available.  On a more personal level, a portion of the site will be dedicated to a blog where the president will be able to update all of those who are interested in their current pursuits and potential success stories or testimonies that may arise through the work they do. Specific updates and newsletters could more easily be sent to the volunteers and donors who may feel invested in their information, making them feel more involved and valued. By utilizing the online support available to them as a non-profit through larger sites such as google, the will get free exposure and advertising, bringing in a wider pool of donors to draw from.


Incidentally, this website is being assembled by students of Grove City College, who have the intention of assembling similarly indispensable websites for other non-profits after graduation. The developers of this website are Patrick Brown and Ford Jordan.  This is a perfect example of how the college is a market that has yet to be reached. Students are unaware of the need that surrounds their beautiful campus and the faculties are largely unaware of the avenue that CAN provides to reach out to their neighbors. Dr. Wyneken has managed to make time to be the president while maintaining his position as professor at Grove City College and it is possible that the faculty of the college is a potential source of people willing and able to volunteer as caseworkers in the years to come. Students are an excitable and passionate group of people, who, once hearing what CAN is about, are likely to desire a greater degree of involvement in the community. They can be an effective means of making more events possible off campus as well as volunteer workers in construction or other projects where their skills could be used.  CAN hope that the new website and Facebook fan page will be tools that help bring the students of the community to CAN. Be sure to Like Us on Facebook.

As part of the new online presence that CAN is building, is to use the website to tell people about themselves. These will include interviews, outlining the need that Grove City has and the way that CAN seeks to address that need. When people become aware of what they seek to do and the way in which they do it, they will want to help in some capacity. CAN does not require a campaign to make it look like anything than what it truly is. CAN is just trying to do a better job of marketing itself.  This will help to spread local awareness of the existence of CAN and what they do. The intention is that clients would feel more comfortable about approaching CAN with their need and admitting that their need exists. Also, residents of the area would become aware that their skills might be useful in helping out their neighbor, literally.  We hope that you will help CAN today check out the Volunteer Page or the Donor Page.