What Happens When You Apply

CAN strives to have a personal relationship with every client they interact with.

Every client is individually interviewed to see if and how CAN could help the client.  This accomplishes two main goals: First, it makes sure that CAN only helps people who are dedicated to finding a solution. Second, resources are conserved to only the most important needs and furthermore CAN doesn’t get into projects that it can’t handle.

So how does a client go about requesting assistance from CAN? The way that CAN organizes its assistance exemplifies one of the main strengths of the organization, its speed. First, the client gets in touch with CAN and lets them know that they are in need of assistance of some sort. Once they have received the request, a coordinator assigns a case worker to their case immediately, either by e-mail or by phone. Caseworkers are required to contact the client within 48 hours and set up an interview time. During the interview, which usually lasts less than an hour, the case worker and an assistant explain the intake form, which the client must fill out, and explain what CAN can or cannot do.

Once finished with the interview, the case worker e-mails the board of CAN and clarifies the situation. The board operates by consensus and either approves or disapproves the request. Disapproval only happens when it is believed that someone may be requesting assistance without immediate need or when it is believed that other organizations may be able to assist the individual better.

Once approved, the case worker makes calls to the pertinent individuals, businesses, or organizations in order to help the client. CAN’s goal is to have help to the client within 48 hours without all the red-tape that bigger organizations require. This speed is what sets CAN apart from most charitable organizations and in fact is an entirely innovative means of charity.  There is so much need in the Grove City school district, and as CAN is better advertised, more and more people will step forward with needs.  Click here if you would like to apply for assistance.